Sep 30, 2010

The Song Inside the Sound of Breaking Down: the lost album

John Mark McMillan is one of my favorite people playing music right now. the title of this post corresponds with Johns independent album released in 2005. I love this album, which is why when i was surfing the interwebs today looking for it to link, i was surprised to find that it was gone, magically erased from the annals of internet history. the only place you can get it, to my knowledge is here where some jerk face is selling a copy for 99$ (if said jerk face comes across this blog and is also John Mark, my apologies. Otherwise, insult intended)

 now i'm sure that there are those of you out there who can find it for free by way of torrent, but it strikes me as Odd that a whole album, one that i purchased on Itunes this time last year, is now unavailable to the general public. This album has a very significant place in my heart, I found it at a time of emotional turmoil, and songs Like Closer, How He Loves(the real version guys) and I Am a Temple were a source of great comfort to me.

Closer, which is adapted from the blind man in Luke 18. This song would play on repeat as I walked across the University of Alabama's campus with my over sized I-Like-Music-More-Than-You-Do headphones, during a season of life where my mind swam through an ocean of self doubt. as my mind tried to tread the water of my emotions, this song became my cry into what I saw as an endless sea, but I soon learned that my little world was nothing compared to the love of God.

I am a Temple is a song that if you happen to be driving next to me when this song graces my ears, then you will hear my voice, through steel and glass and whatever other ill conceived obstacle in its path, not singing but yelling the lyrics. I'm obnoxious like that. sorry to all who have experienced this phenomena. the reason for the decibel level in my singing was the same reason a mother doesn't whisper words of warning to her children as they run into the street. thats called negligence. I have to constantly remind myself that it doesn't matter how filthy I am, how worthless I feel , because the moment I say that I am unworthy is the moment that I devalue the the Cross of Christ. he has made me clean. and I am forever grateful.

I am not even going to quantify the effect that John's Song "How He Loves has impacted my Life, I will simply post his own. I know that its cruel to post how much I love this album, because I can't share it with you. but maybe if you bombard Johns Twitter with requests for the album he'll give in and make it available again, or direct you to where this short sighted individual was to lazy to look.

Sep 24, 2010

and so it begins......again

Hello internet, it seems that we meet again. its been a while since you and I have had a working relationship. I hope this time will find us both more agreeable in nature

I have a habit of starting these and stopping them, but hopefully I will be able to keep this up this time, being unemployed leaves you a lot of time when you're not interviewing for jobs. or watching the price is right thinking "man, Bob Barker has gained some weight!"

this will serve as an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas about things that i'm studying, random current events, and to serve as as some accountability for my Bible Study.

The internet is over saturated with people who think they know everything. I know I don't. Stop laughing Gail

Ok so the truth is that I am just as arrogant as the next guy if not more, but I do know that I am certainly not as smart as I think I am, but I am confident that my friends are collectively the smartest people I know, so hopefully we'll solve a problem or two, maybe global warming, that'd be one for the ages.

So hopefully this will be edifying for you the readers. and will keep me from going insane.

until then, Hide your kids, hide your wife