Sep 24, 2010

and so it begins......again

Hello internet, it seems that we meet again. its been a while since you and I have had a working relationship. I hope this time will find us both more agreeable in nature

I have a habit of starting these and stopping them, but hopefully I will be able to keep this up this time, being unemployed leaves you a lot of time when you're not interviewing for jobs. or watching the price is right thinking "man, Bob Barker has gained some weight!"

this will serve as an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas about things that i'm studying, random current events, and to serve as as some accountability for my Bible Study.

The internet is over saturated with people who think they know everything. I know I don't. Stop laughing Gail

Ok so the truth is that I am just as arrogant as the next guy if not more, but I do know that I am certainly not as smart as I think I am, but I am confident that my friends are collectively the smartest people I know, so hopefully we'll solve a problem or two, maybe global warming, that'd be one for the ages.

So hopefully this will be edifying for you the readers. and will keep me from going insane.

until then, Hide your kids, hide your wife


  1. No lie, the last line was refreshingly unexpected and I laughed very heartily at it. Well played.